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Jul '08

Love my New Lenses

Everything is so much clearer, the people on the television screen, names and numbers on the street signs, even the spots on my kitchen counter.  I have store reading glasses in the kitchen to read the fine print on the frozen food boxes, recipes, another pair to read the newspaper and one more by my computer.  My good glasses I wore when I was driving and I didn’t realize I was ruining my eyesight wearing the non-prescription lenses.  Now, I can see everything so much clearer.  All my readers are now in the trash.

I will be wearing my new lenses every day all day everywhere.  My sunglasses also have the new lenses. I can read at the pool and still look good……It was worth the expense.

2 comments to “Love my New Lenses”

  1. Walk Says:

    Man, I’m glad I didn’t meet you driving. Or was that you that was driving in the wrong lane the other day?

  2. Ms Millie Says:

    I didn’t mean to scare you. Just a little exaggeration to make the reading interesting. All kidding aside I have 20 20 vision now.