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Jun '08

Losing My Best Friend

As a young girl my idol was always my Dad who seemed to always to have time to hear my tales of woe no matter (I realize today) how trivial they were, he listened and then either guided me, reassured me –sometimes wiped my tears.  I could talk to my Dad about anything and everything.  He told me life would be a struggle and how to fend for myself, be smart, be independent  be respectful and respected.  If I heard something I didn’t agree with and knew better to “Speak up”, if not to listen and perhaps learn from whatever it was being said.  “To always be the kind of friend you would want someone to be to you and above all to smile “.  Somehow all your sorrows seem to disappear on a happy face.  I thought it appropriate with Fathers Day approaching tomorrow to wish all the Dads out there a wonderful day while this grown mom, grandma and great grandma will be remembering her Daddy who passed in 1963.  He will always be in my heart and mind especially on Fathers Day.

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