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Sep '10

Looking Ahead

The past few days have been chaotic and I am hoping that the new week will be calmer.  My son and my brother both suffered heart problems this week.  My brother up North collapsed in his home and had to be rescuitated when the emt’s arrived and once again at the hospital which necessitated emergency surgery.  A pacemaker was implanted and he is doing well.  My son Joe who survived a major heart attack in 2007  has a defibrillator  that has an alarm to alert him if the heart rate is too high.  After three times it scared Joe into calling 911 and a ride to the hospital.  It turned out that it only needed an adjustment and he is feeling good.

Ms Millie’s nerves were shattered with these two frightening incidents but I am thankful for the favorable outcome.  Just as I started to breathe a little easier I received a phone call from the friend that I  have travel plans with next month.  She wanted me to know she is in the  hospital with an infection and hoping it will clear up in time to make the trip.

We  do have travel insurance which will cover her if she has to cancel, but that means I will be traveling alone and gee,  that is not the intended plan.

I have my fingers and toes crossed and I am praying it all works out.

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