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Jul '08

Lightening Strikes

It is our usual time of year for thunderstorms and lightening with pounding rains every afternoon.  For years I  watched the clock and had it almost to a science as to what time the rain would begin.  If I was lucky I would leave work right after the storm or hope I would get home before the storm began. The rains are so heavy that I felt it a necessity to pull off the road for safety reasons and wait for it to subside.

Yesterday, i went to the supermarket, thinking the thunder in the background would not develop into anything till later in the day.  I strolled the aisles filling my cart  and all of a sudden the lights went out just as the sound of lightening and thunder appeared.  Oh no!  I made a mistake coming here, I should have waited I thought and then thinking oh well, it will pass.  This went on for another half hour with the lights flickering on and off.  Finally, I checked out and headed for the door.  It was pouring and the parking lot was flooded.  The thunder and  lightening bolts continued.  Once it subsided a little I took my chances and headed to my car.  I was soaked as I threw the bundles into my back seat.  Fortunately it is so warm outside that the rain was not chilling to my soaked skin….I made it home safely but will think twice before I try to beat the storm again. 

3 comments to “Lightening Strikes”

  1. Walk Says:

    Ah, as with the storms of life, safety from nature is found in a overstuffed recliner at home. Storms in sunny Florida? We could use some rain here, shoo them this way please.

  2. Walk Says:

    Boy, you sure delivered that rain! We’ve received about an inch today. Thanks for a good shoo-ing.

  3. MsMillie Says:

    So happy the weatherman cooperated. We have had two sunny days high 90’s with no rain. I prefer it rain during the night, yet that lightening can be scary at times. The thunder just booms!