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Jul '08

License Renewed till 98

My uncle just celebrated his 92nd birthday and he still sounds like he did when I was a young girl.  I was always impressed with his powerful and expressive voice.  I remember Uncle Will being in the Army during World War II and the family receiving v-mail from him.  If I recall it correctly it had a red and white design on the envelope.  He was injured while he was in combat and fortunately survived with minimal damage to his leg.   He was honorably discharged and began his married life with my favorite Aunt Ruby.

Uncle Will has always been an optimistic person and has managed to age gracefully.  I enjoy asking him questions about the family life way back when and he always reminds me that I was always “Miss Congeniality”  and loved to sing for the neighbors.  So it’s no surprise that I enjoy chatting with Uncle Will especially on his special day.  He thanks me for remembering him and then relates that his driving license has been renewed till 2014 and he will be a mere 98.   I chuckle and tell him, Uncle Will that is wonderful news.  For sure I will be calling you so long as I remember the date.

Sounds like a good plan to me!


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