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Jul '13

Lazy Hazy Days

It has been a rainy July with a great deal of sunless days which is unusual for Florida weather.  I know how spoiled I have become bragging about living in the sunshine state that two or more days without sun is not acceptable in my book!  Our temperatures have been moderate and definitely not as hot as up North.  Ironically my brother who is always bragging about how great the seasons are in New York kidding of course asked if I could send him some cooler temperatures.  He was baking in the high 90’s heat.  I laughed back as I thought I sure wouldn’t ask him to send me some snow or below freezing weather.  I can definitely handle the heat better than the cold!

All l have done is work out in the mornings doing my yoga practices and then having lunch and then back to my home to catch up on reading and resting.  I actually think I had what they call writers block as it seems my ideas filled my head, yet I couldn’t put them down anywhere.   Now I feel sort of guilty about not posting anything but that doesn’t mean I was not doing or feeling something or other.  This week coming has fun appointments with great friends and so I know there will be lots to write about.  Till then, enjoy your weekend and before we know it will be a brand new month.

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