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Aug '09

Laughing Keeps Us Young

I am still smiling and giggling 24 hours after being entertained by a marvelous cast.  The title of the show “The Godfather’s Meshuggener Wedding” produced by Standing Ovation Dinner Theatre and Directed by Deborah Louise Ortiz.  We had a wonderful table of fun people and we started off with some hoer dourves and introductions.   Everyone was in a festive mood and once the show started it became almost like a real wedding and no longer a play.  The actors were not only funny, zany and talented but the Godfather and the Bridesmaid had beautiful voices.  We, the audience took part in the dancing with the cast and other guests  like myself.   To top it off the dinner was excellent as well as the dessert and coffee.

I can honestly admit it has been awhile,  since I have laughed and completely forgot everything and just enjoyed the moments.  How refreshing it was and still is today!

Ironically as I entered Fusion Fit Club this morning,  a member remarked that I looked younger than I did last week.  She said “Ms Millie, what have you been doing?”   It took me all of five or ten seconds to reply  “I have been laughing”  and went on to tell her about my experience at the wedding.  She was so impressed that she will be buying tickets to see it over the weekend.

‘Laughing I guess is the secret to feeling and looking young.  The best part – It is free!

3 comments to “Laughing Keeps Us Young”

  1. Walk Says:

    Put my picture up and you can have a good laugh every day. It sounds like a great time, I may suggest it to our local Little Theater group. When you’re smiling the whole world smiles with you!

  2. Ms Millie Says:

    I can hear your Little Theater group thanking you as the audience will be giving a standing ovation and wearing the biggest smiles ever!

    Walk, I am still chuckling as I relive some of the quips.

  3. Gullible Says:

    Laugh on, Miss Millie. And enjoy every minute!