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Aug '11

Land Line Never Rings

Perhaps it is selective memories when I recall the days, when it seemed my phone never stopped ringing with calls from friends and family just checking in to say “hi and how are you?”  After working an eight-hour day in an office atmosphere with non stop phone requests I came to dread the phone once I returned home.  But how else would we be able to hear our loved one voices, hear about their days and nights and just catch up?  And so the phone and then cell phones kept us in touch.  And then, the emails and Instant Messenger took over and out of nowhere it seemed “texting became the in and only way along with tweeting.”

I admit I loved the IM’ing and emailing and became a user of keeping in touch with others vs making that phone call.  But I refused to trade in my cell phone for one that would accept texts nor could I afford the additional costs to accept them.  Then one day I realized that my land line only rings if it is a sales pitch-political push or a wrong number and it seems no one calls,  just to say hello.   Somehow I feel left out and actually lonesome for someone to care to hear my voice and ask how are you and are you O.K.?   I know technology is critical to today’s style of living but I feel the art of communicating with each other is non-existent.

You start to feel a little hesitant about calling someone and taking up their time, when perhaps a text would be quicker.   Yes for me it has become wishful thinking that my phone would ring like the olden days. And perhaps I should be wondering if this is a sign of aging or a sign of the times?

6 comments to “Land Line Never Rings”

  1. Walk Says:

    There are advantages and disadvantages in this new age of communication. One of the disadvantages is that we have lost the ability to sit and have a conversation without having to punch a bunch of keys. One of the advantages is that we becomne friends, if only cyberfriends, to people around the world whom we would never have met face to face. Still, as you said, it’s nice to hear someones voice, to know that someone out there still cares, which they do, they’re just too busy with their own lives.

  2. Ms. Millie Says:

    Thank you for your cyber friendship. You are a loyal friend indeed and your comments are always also honest. Above all, it helps me reflect.

  3. gullible Says:

    Yep, you’re right. Remember the party lines? If you weren’t (ahem) careful, you could wind up eavesdropping on the neighbor’s conversations. As for me, I refuse to let me cell phone rule my life. It’s on only when I leave the house and off when I’m home.

  4. Ms. Millie Says:

    Yes I sure do remember the party lines and the pink or blue princess phones,too. I guess we have lots to be happy about once we start to reminisce.

    I say “Yea to the good old days when a phone call was a nickle and the operator cut in for more money.” Or did this only happen when the call was out of the area?

    You have me smiling thinking abut all this and still my phone hasn’t rang. But, I have all of my cyber friends to keep me company. Thanks Gully.

  5. MaryA Says:

    Like gullible I only turn my cell phone on when I am away from home.
    As wonderful as the online community is, I wonder how many people feel just as you do Ms Millie. I wonder how many are out there afraid to intrude, but wishing someone would call them.
    There is still something about sitting down with a cup of tea or coffee and sharing your hopes, your fears and your joys with another human.
    Even online I always forgt to enter the code and have to write my replies twice. Is that a sign of age?

  6. Ms. Millie Says:

    Thank you and welcome to my blog MaryA. I miss the chat times but I guess it is not fashionable in today’s world. It was nice to read your comments.