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Mar '13

Keeping in Touch

Post it notes with email addresses and other slips of paper with names and phone numbers fill my notebook’s pocket.  I enjoy keeping in touch with people I meet on trips and they always tell me so do I.  But each of us has different life styles and time frames and by my not working,  I have the most free time.   This somehow triggers me to be the first to contact someone I would like to know more about and so I send a cheerful e-mail and a tidbit or two to refresh their memory (not that I am unforgettable or maybe I might be) and wait for a reply.  Now how long does one wait for a reply before we assume maybe it went into their spam folder and resend or just wait?  I don’t want to seem pushy nor desperate but how long is too long?

It reminds me of my dating years when a guy would say thank you I had a good time, I will call you and you know it is not going to happen.  Why do we say something that we know we have no intention of doing or taking someone’s address knowing they don’t like to keep in touch nor do they have the time?   In my opinion, a little honesty goes a long way and saves you from embarrassment disappointment and hurt feelings.   So what are your feelings on keeping in touch!

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