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Jun '13

June is Busting Out

Seems like only a short time ago when I recall my children saying “No more teachers-no more books” yet here we are on the last day of school.   The showers have come down all day and I know the children (especially the walkers) will be wet but they will be happy.  As for me,  I am already missing them.  But before long , I will be back at Marlowe meeting lots of new wonderful children.  I might even try helping with second grade as this might be a nice change. Lots of choices come September, but for now let’s enjoy the summer.

To start the month off  my grand-daughter and husband are celebrating their second anniversary tomorrow.  And it sure seems like only yesterday when I flew up to New York and wore my pretty new suit to their fabulous wedding.   I  can see the number 13 circled on my calendar which means my great-grandson will be turning 10 followed by my grandson Joey turning fourteen on the eighteenth.

Yikes!  It seems like everyone is growing up so fast! But, I don’t feel any older in fact I feel great!  And I am happy to be around for these wonderful occasions. In fact I think I will notate them in my gratitude journal.

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