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Jun '09

Joey’s Double Digit Birthday

This Nana is starting to feeling a tad bit older,  now that my youngest grandchild will be 10 tomorrow.  Joey is excited that he has hit the double digit numbers (no more little boy talk).  I can hear the maturity,  as he discusses baseball stats and players of the NY Yankees.  It is a reminder of me and my Dad  “an avid Yankee fan” when we listened  to the broadcast on the radio.  Scooter Rizzuto, Whitey Ford were familiar names as well as Dimaggio and Casey Stengel.  Somehow, we always knew to be quiet if the Yankees were losing.  It seems the tradition lives on and for sure,  my Dad is smiling down on us.

Joey will be in school celebrating with his friends at lunchtime and I will be calling and singing in my best voice Happy Birthday, Grandson, I love you…  Enjoy your youth and your day……….

Two years older

Two years older tomorrow!

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