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Jan '09

It is Cold Everywhere

BRRRRRR– It just seems to be cold everywhere as I watch and listen to the newscasters and weather forecasters showing all parts of the country freezing. On the Today show in New York, I could see the snow coming down and yes-it did look pretty, but I am happy to be viewing it from a sunny window with a 46 degree outside temperature. Even at this temperature I am cold and dressed for warmth and comfort which does not make for a fashion statement. Hopefully, I won’t be surprised by a drop by visitor. They might just be shocked!

I am starting to wonder if this is part of global warming although I don’t understand any of it, but it sure is cold with no signs of letting up. Do you think the ground hog will see his shadow? I am sure there will be people up North hoping for signs of an early Spring. Perhaps this song from the past titled “Baby It’s Cold Outside” will bring a smile. If you go to www.lyricsmode.com Type in the title, you will see various artists to choose from to hear this delightful song and it just might warm you- a little. Enjoy and stay warm. I happen to like Tom Jones and Louis Armstrong’s renditions. Which do you prefer?

2 comments to “It is Cold Everywhere”

  1. Walk Says:

    Tom was good, I liked the voice of the girl who sang with him. Louie’s was funny, I liked the line he changed, “Father will be pacin’ the floor (he’s gotta go…he’s gotta go), but I think Lee Ann Womack’s voice was the sexiest.

  2. Ms Millie Says:

    Thank you for the feedback. Did it warm your heart a little?