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Dec '08

Identity Proof

I am having a difficult time thinking of the right title for this post.  The reason for my bafflement is my experience this afternoon at the local Target store.   I needed a few things that were on sale and also felt I should get some inexpensive cough medicine, generic brand with an expectorant usually called DM.   My cough seemed to be back and I am hoping it is only allergies.  Anyway, I found the right size and went to check out .  The cashier scanned my items and bagged them and then she holds up the cough medicine and says do you have proof?  Proof, I look at her questioning proof?  She is kind enough to explain that the stores policy is to scan your license for record keeping of certain medicines.  Luckily, in my pocket I had my debit card and license.  I don’t carry a purse for safety reasons and sometimes I only carry on my person my debit card and car keys. 

It has been over fifty years since I have been carded and I am not flattered by any means.  Just curious if this has happened to anyone else?

1 comment to “Identity Proof”

  1. Walk Says:

    It hasn’t happened to me, but I remember back in college that drinking cough medicine gave a slight high feeling. I guess it was the brain cells dying that did it. They do the same thing here if they don’t know you with cold tablets, they are used in making meth. I don’t know if the cough syrup is considered for the same reasons.