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Jul '09

I Remember!

Yesterday I started my fifth week of my exercise goal and so far I have not missed a class.  My Capri’s and shorts are getting a trifle too big in the waist and the back area but it looks good overall and I do feel energized.  Today,  I hurried home after my routines and picked up a healthy smoothie for lunch.  I wanted to watch the Memorial Tribute for Michael Jackson.

It has been an emotional roller coaster for me as my oldest son was born just 11 days earlier than Michael.  As a mother, my heart breaks for his Mom who is probably still in shock,  not able to comprehend her son is gone.  When I was a young girl my Daddy had a motto for almost everything and he would  say  “Millie” you need to smile even when you feel like crying.   Smile, it keeps lines away and makes your pretty eyes twinkle.  “Daddy, I would reply, I don’t have lines on my face”.   My Dad’s reply was someday you will but they will be hard to see,  because you smiled just like I told you to do,  when you were young.

Now,  I realize that my Dad heard that song from the Charlie Chaplin movie back in the 1930’s and loved the words and the meaning.  “Smile”  became a hit and hearing it today sung by Jermaine Jackson just filled my eyes with tears knowing now that Michael also loved that song and he lived it every day by always showing a smile.

After all of the beautiful touching words and sentiments I thought my eyes had dried until Michael Jackson’s’  eleven year old daughter tearfully spoke into the microphone about her feelings for her Dad and that she loved him so much… At that moment between my tear filled eyes , I could see myself back in 1963 at the side of my Dad’s casket crying and mouthing the exact words.  I believe that my heart broke that day and has never repaired itself and I can feel her pain and disbelief.

How many of  you today shed tears?  How many of you remember the song “Smile”?  It is amazing what we do remember.  No “senior moments”  going on here.

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