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Jun '10

I Am In Love With Quincy

Now don’t you all get excited about Ms Millie finally finding Mr Right as it hasn’t happened yet!  My good neighbors Ted and Caroline have the cutest puppy that is not quite a year old and you guessed it!  Quincy is his name and he is the most lovable dog and so smart, too.  For the past week Carolyn has been in the hospital and Ted has been spending his time going back and forth to visit.  It is not close enough to come back to care for the dog’s needs and so I eagerly volunteered to walk him to do his duty every couple of  hours.

I didn’t realize how much I missed having a dog until I started caring for Quincy as I grew up having Spotty  and then Frisky in later years and Napoleon.  When I moved to Florida,  my elderly neighbor asked me to adopt his little Cairn terrier name Bear and I assumed he was a young dog but after two years I came home from work and found little Bear in his forever sleep.  I cried and missed him so much that I made a promise that there would no more pets for Ms Millie.   Would you believe that after this wonderful  week with Quincy (who by the way is a pedigree Cavalier with soft  black and brown fur and beautiful eyes)  my resolve is weakening just a bit.

Fortunately Caroline is recuperating nicely and should be home by the weekend,  but maybe I can still help out with Quincy time and again.   Maybe Quincy feels the same about me!

It’s been fun and we know a “dog’s love is genuine.”

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