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Feb '09

How Exercise Enhances Our Voice

Who knew that my taking yoga classes and learning to breathe correctly in through the nose and out through the nose would benefit in learning how to give air to our voice.  The quote given to me goes like this “Air to the voice, is what gasoline is to an automobile”.  My Pilate’s practice has enhanced my posture and strengthened my abdominal muscles, which must be activated by feeding more air across the vocal chords, causingthe sound produced to become louder.  I am already two steps ahead of the person that has not practices yoga or Pilate’s the instructor informed me.

We then went on find my key signatures by having me sing the scales DO RE ME FA SO and then backwards FA ME RE DO.  My number 1 signature would be E .  For my homework I will be singing Mary Had A Little Lamb while practicing breathing exercises and enunciation.  Maybe I can practice for my kindergarten children.  I am sure they will love it!

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