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Dec '08

Holiday Music

Today, I was once again at one of my favorite hangouts listening and singing along to those wonderful nostalgic holiday carols.  The Frank Parsons Big Band seems to get better each month as they perform at the “Richey Suncoast Theatre”.  Now that Fred Noon has been conducting the band, what was once good has become excellent to my ears.  Fred has lots of experience as he played and put together a band when he was in the Army many years ago.  I am not sure of all the particulars, but in any event Fred plays a mean trumpet has a fantastic personality and is doing a superb job. 

I think if they performed every week I would be buying another season ticket. I am looking forward to January’s program which will be George Gershwin’s music.  For any of us that are familiar with his music, there will many a teary eye and lots of dejavu.  Today was a nice mid week bonanza.

Tomorrow is a big day for MsMillie.  See you then……….

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