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Jul '11

Hold That Thought

I hate to admit that perhaps “age” might be a factor in me losing my retention of whatever it is I should be remembering.  In the past I have always claimed to have the memory of an elephant but I am not so sure at the moment.  My biggest dilemma is hiding things for safekeeping and then not remembering where they are when I need them.   It is only a month ago that I unpacked from a trip and put “XYZ” in that special hiding place to be retrieved at a later date.

With today’s weather hot and steamy I thought it would be a perfect time to stay indoors.   After awhile I decided to check on my hidden cache to see if it was sufficient for my future plans.  And to my surprise, it  wasn’t there in that place.  The search is on and there is no one to blame except myself and I am flustered!

Maybe I need to write down where I am hiding the stuff, so I can find it when I need it.  I don’t have any problem remembering dates and birthdays and bill paying but this hiding for safe keeping is making me a little worry some.

Please share with me your experiences and/ your suggestions that will be easy to implement.

2 comments to “Hold That Thought”

  1. MaryA Says:

    The same thing happens when I reorganize and put something in what should be a more logical place or where it belongs.

  2. Walk Says:

    My mom forgets what we just told her, but can remember every song that she has learned in her 86 years. Don’t fret on being forgetful, it will come to you where you put your stash, when you’re not fretting over it so much. I was going to say something else but I forget what it was (I know, lame joke but someone had to say it). :>)