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Jul '08

Heat Wave

It is steaming hot in Florida, my car thermometer read 98 after being parked with the sunshade up for an hour.  Good thing I have a shade cover for my steering wheel as it would be too hot to handle safely.  The weather seems to be hotter and more humid each summer.  This must be the global warming the media refers to.  I stayed in the rest of the day with the a/c on 78 and caught up on some housework and reading.  Not bad for a Monday in sunny Florida…….

3 comments to “Heat Wave”

  1. Gullible Says:

    Wow, ninety-eight….. We could use some of that global warming. Today the temperature was barely above 50 degrees here in Moose Pass, ALaska. We’re locked into Mother Nature’s gloomy and glum mood, I guess. Day after day of clouds and wind. Once in a while some sun so we all don’t split for Mexico. Ms. Minnie, please send some 98 our way…..

  2. Walk Says:

    98? 98! That’s our temp in the shade! I was out mowing yesterday in 102 temp at 7:00 last night. You are right about the steering wheel, I’ve left several layers of skin on a hot wheel over the years. You have us beat on the humidity, you can keep that.

  3. MsMillie Says:

    Gullible, I don’t think I would survive in Moose Pass as I am one of those folks that needs Sunshine, light. Two days of clouds and I am in the doldrums. I am lucky Walk, I don’t have to mow lawns. You be careful, you could get heat stroke.