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Nov '10

Happy Sunday Everyone

I have been in a state of flux the past few days and I thought it might be due to the full moon but none in sight as I checked the sky.  Perhaps the time change has made a difference (that extra hour of sleep) has thrown me off schedule.  Even the weather has been erratic.   One night I huddled under the covers enjoying the coolness and two days later the air is back on and the covers are off.  But, through it all the sunshine is beautiful and the sky is a so blue with its puffy clouds of white.

So with that thought,  I will wish you  a very happy Sunday.  Relax – hug someone and smile:)

2 comments to “Happy Sunday Everyone”

  1. Walk Says:

    It’s been hectic since Memorial day, I can’t get caught up. I’m glad you’re enjoying the weather, “Baby It’s Cold Outside” here.

  2. Ms Millie Says:

    You brought back some great memories with that line (song from years back) “Baby It’s cold outside.” Sending you a ray of sunshine to keep you warm.