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Mar '08

Happy Spring

Well, I survived four wonderful days with my grandson keeping him well fed, lots of fun activities, swimming in the pool, showing me his back stroke and diving skills.  We played card games that I thought I had forgotten (War, Old Maid).  I lost both games.  His Dad was able to get tickets to the Phillies Spring Training Game where we enjoyed the sun and the 3 home runs hit by the Phillies players.  Had Chinese food for dinner one night, Italian another and one night I made pork chops, applesauce, roasted potatoes and peas.  Ice cream for dessert.  Joey is a wonderful child with an inquisitive nature, listens well and behaves.  He enjoys the books I have been buying him, “Magic Tree House” series.

He was able to tell me the wrestler’s stats and their names as we watched it on television.  We learn from our grandchildren and have so more patience than we did with our children.  It is  truly wonderful, loving and fulfilling.  I am missing Joey as he left this morning with his Mom to visit other relatives.  Couldn’t ask for a better way to bring Spring in, hopefully I will see Joey in the Summer……Your Nana loves you….

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