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Mar '11

Happy Days

The week started off with a beautiful memorable show on Sunday featuring a Do-Wop group called ” The Saints.”   The group sang songs I danced to way back when I was a in-out in-love teenager happy and carefree.

I also recall a song made by Johnny Ace titled “Pledging My Love.”  It was a slow moving song and we learned to dance the Fish to it.    We hardly moved at all (back in those Bronx days) doing this dance.   I guess today it might be called risque but we were innocent kids back then and as I glanced around the audience,  I could see people from my generation reliving their times of being a teenager singing along.   Even a few were dancing in their seats and  a few in the aisles boogied.

Nostalgia is by far a trip to Memory Lane that usually follows by awesome dreams a few nights later, reliving our youth that doesn’t seem that long ago.

Yesterday,  I returned to my first grade class after a week off for Spring break .  I kept busy but I did miss them and I loved hearing their quick tidbits about how they spent their week.  Disney World was the most popular and then the beach and the zoo followed as the weather cooperated with no rain and spring like temperatures.  Just perfect for standing on lines without sweating and the water was just right for swimming.

Wednesday is Mentor Day with my student Sophia.  She will be celebrating her fifteenth birthday on Friday and we had spoke before the break about sharing a Subway meal.   I drove to the Subway shoppe picked up our lunch and headed for the school and signed at the office.  Sophia looked so happy and she loved the little organizer I had bought her to help keep her on track with her assignments.

We headed for the outside table and chairs to enjoy the nice breeze and sunny skies while we ate, and chatted about her goals and grades.  In my opinion, being a teenager today is a very challenging time with bullying, drug use and internet exposure to name a few deterrents compared to my generation.

Way back when (we were warned) of things that never happened or if they did,  it was a rare occurence or the media didn’t think it was worthy of writing about.  Today the lists of warnings are endless even for Seniors.

With this in mind,  I am hoping my mentoring Sophia will keep her motivated and on the road to continued success of not only as a good student with top grades but also a outstanding person to her family and community.  In order to keep her scholarship she has to maintain her grades and average.

I sometimes wish there had been someone in my lifetime to mentor me, but then again I did fine in spite of  it all.


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