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Jan '09

Handling the Cold

When the forecast is for cooler temperatures here in Florida we are ready to flip the switch to heat as the villas and houses are not sufficiently insulated. I look for slipper socks to keep my feet warm on the cool tile. The only time I like that feeling is when the temperatures are soaring outside and the a/c is on.

When I lived in New York I can remember freezing as a child and always the first one first one to run into the apartment building to heat my hands on the radiators. The reason for me writing about this is I read my friend in Alaska’s blog Gullible’s Travels and she has a picture of the thermometer reading a minus of 23. I had to look at it more than once to comprehend what my eyes were seeing and then I started to shiver. I would never warm up or be able to walk with all the layers of clothing covering my small frame. I would probably never venture outside. I can appreciate the beautiful scenery from my warm room and I sure she is used to the cold and being indoors. Her site is interesting and it has some wonderful photos of Alaska.

2 comments to “Handling the Cold”

  1. Gullible Says:

    Thanks for the mention, Ms. Millie. You must have missed the one that read twenty-seven below. A couple days ago a friend told me about the temperature at her daughter’s home in Tok, Alaska–seventy-seven below! Around Fairbanks, temps have been at and around fifty below. Gully

  2. Walk Says:

    Wow, check out Ms Millies new do. Looking good, are you ready for some more dancing?