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Sep '11

Great Rewards

Being a Mentor has been a challenging undertaking for me.  I thought my qualifications would ease me into the role without a hitch, but I was wrong.   Just because I raised three sons as a single parent did not prepare me for a fourteen year old girl.   When we met back in the Middle school  in 2009 she was ecstatic about receiving a scholarship and had the grades to back her up. But she just needed to maintain her grades and also turn in her work timely.

For some of us this might seem like an easy task to accomplish but when you don’t have the tools or support, it can be overwhelming.   On the positive side she has loving grandparents willing to raise her and her brother but in so many ways it is challenging for them.   They had enforced a “strict code of behavior” and it had no free time with outside friends.   For a teenager this became a sore spot and gradually the grades slid, the absences began along with tardiness.   As her Mentor,  I worried that I was not being strong enough or even being gullible believing her excuses.   It seemed that with my own children I  knew more or less, when they were not telling the truth yet with Sophia I just didn’t know and I could not even hint (that I thought) she was lying to me.

By the end of the school year she was on probation with the scholarship program pending their decision to drop or keep her.   Sophia had a meeting with all of the faculty, teachers and the board and after much discussion they decided to keep her in the program but on probation until she shows an improved average in all of her classes.

She stated that she wanted me to continue as her Mentor and the board agreed and also appointed a co-mentor from the guidance department to assist me and Sophia.   Yesterday was the second time I met with Sophia and she had her progress report.   Her smile was from ear to ear as she handed it over to me and as my eyes glanced over the report I smiled at all the A’s and B’s.   I was so happy to take her photo wearing her proud smile and I am so pleased that I didn’t give up on her.   In my heart of hearts I feel she needs me as much as I need her and the rewards are priceless.

3 comments to “Great Rewards”

  1. Clint Says:

    You have never quit or given up on anything in your life. You are the perfect example for Sophia and deserve to be proud of her and yourself. She will never forget the impact you have had on her. You never cease to amaze you friends and family.

  2. Ms. Millie Says:

    Thank you so much for your kind words. As you know I love children of all ages and have found that our personalities mesh. It keeps me young and focused and in return I can be the (other Nana or grand-parent) in their lives especially for the ones that don’t have any.

  3. Walk Says:

    Good for you for not giving up on Sophia. I’m sure that your belief in her helped her believe in herself. In a mentoring relationship, as with any endeavor that helps someone else, the biggest rewards are the ones that the giver recieves.