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Nov '08

Freezing Temperatures in Florida

Tonight, some of my neighbors are bringing their plants in and others are covering their outside plants with sheets to protect them from the cold temperatures predicted overnight.  It seems we are having an early episode of cold weather that normally doesn’t occur until late December and January.  I  really think (it is preparing me ) for my trip to New York next week.

I have donned warm night clothes, robe and long slipper socks as my feet get so cold and the insulation is minimal in Florida homes.  Heating actually is more expensive than air conditioning and so I am bundling up.  It sure sounds strange as I listen to the  forecast of  freezing temperatures by morning.  My tiny prayer is for a warming trend by noon with bright sunshine. 

Well, it is time for me find my quilt buried in the back of my closet.  Never thought I would use it in Florida, but we never know, do we?

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