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Jan '09

Four Days into the New Year

I made it through seven spectacular days of being treated like a Queen.  No dishes or shopping, no cleaning or making of beds.  My biggest decisions usually centered around the menu and desserts offered.  If I ate the pie with whipped cream on Tuesday. would the red dress fit on Wednesday or the pizza for lunch and the midnight buffet?  When I am home, desserts are not even a part of my diet, yet it seems on a cruise every morsel of food looks delicious and seems to beckon to my senses. 

The cruise was delightful and the people numbering over 3500 included families, singles, extended families and lots of special occasions being celebrated.  One group had 35 wearing Nana’s 90TH Birthday Party on the Ruby.  Another was a couple celebrating their fiftieth anniversary and their group were wearing white tee shirts with red lettering. Even Ms Millie was presented later in the week with a candle made of dark chocolate with marble cake for the insides with a whipped cream topping and a wick made of strawberry.  Outside of the candle was the inscription ‘Happy Birthday”.  It was scrumptious! 

The photos will be coming along later in the week hopefully.  Trying to come back to reality takes a few days.  My dancing legs are happily worn out…. Happy New Year everyone!

2 comments to “Four Days into the New Year”

  1. Walk Says:

    Welcome home from the good times. Are you headed to yoga to keep those legs stretched out? By the way, Happy Birthday, and may your next birthday be even better than this one.

  2. MsMillie Says:

    Thank you for your good wishes. My legs are stretched and ready to dance again.