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Nov '07

Forty Five Days and Counting

Looking at my calendar today I realize the end of 2007 is just 45 days away. Traditionally, I watch the countdown from Times Square as I have for all of my years. I recall when I lived in NY, where my life began in the Bronx seventy odd years ago. My family would listen on the radio for the countdown to midnight. Prior to this , we would gather up pots and spoons as these would be our noisemakers to ring in the New Year-after everyone hugged and kissed and wished Happy New Year greetings. Guy Lombardo was instrumental in starting this tradition in 1929 as he was a famous band-leader whose band started with his brother in 1919. When they were asked to do a radio show in 1929, they decided “Auld Lang Syne” would be the theme song after the stroke of midnight. From that day to today, it has become the standard to sing or hum. It is sad yet heartwarming to say adieu to the old and welcome to the new year. I still watch it faithfully and I don’t believe I have missed a broadcast. Dick Clark has been the Host live from Times Square. Although Guy Lombardo passed in 1977 Auld Lang Syne lives on as it has become a tradition for most and for me it holds a great deal of nostalgia.

Thought I would trigger a few memories and a bit of trivia, too!

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