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Aug '09

Flying High Tonight

Since my departure last Saturday for New York, I have been a lucky Mom, grand-mom and great-grand-Nana.  I have had the best of New York pizza, Italian pastries that were packed with wonderful scrumptious calories.

My son Terry celebrated his birthday with visits from his brother Darrin and Maria and his Uncle Frank and wife in addition to his family.

On Tuesday I rode the Long Island Railroad  to Montauk  (the tip of  Long Island) to spend a day and night with ten year old Joey.  I  feel sure he has grown another inch or I have shrunk an inch.  He swims like a fish and is cuter than ever.  We spent the day walking around, buying little treats and then had pizza with pepperoni.  Hm-mm it was delicious and afterward we stopped for ice-cream  to top it all off.  I truly enjoyed spending this magical time with my grandson and headed back on the train to Terry’s home with wonderful memories.

The evening was spent with Marissa and A.J.  playing games and hugging for my last evening with them looking forward to my next visit.

Today at seven pm I will be boarding my flight back to Florida packed and stocked with hugs and kisses to save for a rainy day.

See you soon…….

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