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Sep '08

Florida in the Limelight

There is so much going on in my State and nearby counties. The famous Tampa Bay Devil Rays have scored a number one position in the playoffs for the pennant race. The Today Show will be broadcasting their show today from the University of Florida. I am sure there will be lots of people that camped out last night to capture a space right up front. when the Today show begins his broadcast and the cameras scan the audience. Too bad it isn’t a little closer to where I live, as I feel it would be an honor to meet Mr Lauer. He appears to be “down to earth and a caring person”. In fairness I would like to meet all of the wonderful people on the Today show.

Early next year Tampa will be the host of the Super Bowl and I feel once the holiday season is over the football frenzy will begin. Happy to be in the Sunshine State, even though it is still summery hot.

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