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Oct '09

Finding Friends

Great news from faraway friends thanks to technology and the creators of Face book.  It is neat to read about peoples lives and see photos of their families and vacations.  People I haven’t seen,  since I retired in 2003 and others from years gone by.  It’s a convenient way to view photos and read tidbits about their hobbies, woe’s and wows.

I am thinking pretty soon we won’t need a telephone or remember how to use one.  Love the transformation and it keeps me on my tippy toes.

No mail tomorrow and no banking due to Columbus Day.  Enjoy the day if you are having a day off.  Till the next time!

2 comments to “Finding Friends”

  1. Walk Says:

    It’s amazing how many high school friends I have reconnected with after thirty five years since graduation through Facebook. I don’t think we’ll ever do away with some form of telephone, but that’s what someone said of the Pony Express also. :>)

  2. Ms Millie Says:

    So true and even the Postal Service is contemplating curtailing Monday deliveries. It is usually advertisements anyway!