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Feb '14

What a Feeling

As we neared the beginning of November I noticed a change in my eyesight driving on a familiar road and so I made a date to have my eye exam.  My eyesight had not changed but the cataracts had developed where they were creating a film over my left eye.  I looked into my options and chose a place right down the road that my insurance covered and explained what my optometrist found to the attending facility.  He did his exam of the eyes and agreed that a cataract had formed over the left eye and could be removed on November 11 2013.  All I needed to do was start the drops he prescribed 2 days earlier and I would be set.   This sounded like a good time frame for me and that I could have my right eye also done before the end of the year and start the New Year being able to see far away without lenses and maybe even read with store-bought readers.

I came home feeling pretty good and  found I could see colors much clearer each day as I continued to put the prescribed drops  in 4 times a day for the next five weeks.  In the interim,  I flew up to New York and spent the Thanksgiving holiday with family.  It was wonderful seeing all of my grandchildren (minus one) so grown up as we caught up on each others lives. When they all live out-of-state and (even with the technology) we have today they just don’t have the time to keep in touch.  The meal was delicious and the desert even better with homemade pies made by my son Darrin and his wife Maria…….

I flew home a few days later and  ready my self for my right eye procedure.  It was then that my left eye started to feel like there was something  in it and told I was to use the ( dry eyes) drops.  My vision was good for a few days and then the blurriness began and I found myself closing my left eye to focus.  I felt like I was cock eyed and I walked like I was in a stupor………I went back for checkups and told it was healing, then it was a lazy eye and then maybe  I had a stroke.  Need I tell you how frightened I was?   You don’t appreciate what you have with your eyesight until it becomes a problem and the hysteria steps in  along with depression and frustration.  ” I have always been proud of my independent person attitude but I now had to ask others to help me get to appointments as I didn’t feel comfortable driving with one eye closed.”  At my last appointment with the doctor he informed me that I have an eye muscle problem that could only be corrected by surgery and given the name of a specialist.   Since that time I have had a second opinion and both feel it is my eye muscle preventing me from focusing and creating the double vision at times.

Now it is three and half months later and I am so upset that what I thought would be two great eyes seeing clearly in the New Year has made me a part-time couch potato accompanied by a cranky attitude.  The earliest appointment to see the specialist is in April and so I am praying for a better attitude and outlook.  This has been a feeling of helplessness and I don’t like it at all!!!!

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