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Jul '10

Feeling the Difference

Thought I would share my experience in New York City and how it relates to the acupuncture treatments I have been receiving.

When the railroad cars pull into the station,  there are many people rushing to their destinations and there are many steps to climb to the upper level.

In the past,  I would linger until the crowd subsided and then start my upward journey.   This time, as I climbed  I noticed how I was able to  do it without gasping for breath or just taking a few steps and pausing to rest in between.    This was a “wow” experience and also a realization of how well acupuncture can work for breathing problems like Ms Millie’s.

My future goals are to walk blocks at a time without stopping to catch my breath.   I know my acupuncturist will be pleased with my good news at my next visit on Monday.

1 comment to “Feeling the Difference”

  1. Jamie Dedes Says:

    Oh, I was born there and remember those steps . . . probably couldn’t handle them anymore. I have by the way three sites, one of which is on Brooklyn with little trips to Manhattan . . . it’s mostly memoir and recipes . . . http://brooklynmemoriesmostgreen.wordpress.com/
    Maybe you’d like to pop by when you have the time and inclination, Millie.