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Apr '08

Feeling Like a Celebrity

By now I hope I have convinced some readers that I love to write about everything and anything. I seem to always have an opinion, or a suggestion, or why “my way is the better way”.

Recently, one of the magazines I subscribe to had a “post your ideas on how you stay energized” contest. I wrote about my routines and how they work for me and how I felt they could work for others too. Well, the editors loved it. They will be publicizing some of my ideas in a future issue and I will be receiving a small monetary award.

Need I tell you how excited I am? My goodness, you would think I won the Nobel Prize! But hey, it’s a start. Maybe down the road, lots of checks will be rolling in and I will be a famous writer doing book signings. Whoa there! I am indeed getting carried away. But it sure is nice to be recognized.

1 comment to “Feeling Like a Celebrity”

  1. Walk Says:

    You go girl! That’s exciting!