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Jun '09

Fantastic Weekend

So much happening this weekend with the deluge of rain in Bethpage, NY, hampering and postponing play at the U. S. open.  Hopefully with good weather on Monday,  the U. S. open, will finish its’ last day with my favorite ‘Tiger Woods capturing the victory”.  On Saturday, I decided to go for a new hair style and now have very short hair (that sort of looks good) so my hairdresser said.

I will know better when I workout tomorrow and my favorite people are there.  They are my biggest critics (good and bad)plus my best friend Michelle will be there teaching the second hour of  Stretch Max.  She is celebrating her birthday Monday and I baked her a funfetti white cake with chocolate frosting and colored sprinkles for decoration, plus some brownies for Dommie and Anna and Mark to add to the celebration.  (Helps me remember how to bake and  not lose my cooking skills altogether.)

Sunday, Fathers Day was very hot and steamy and I am thinking all Florida’s  Dad’s spent the day in the air conditioning or swimming as it was way too hot for outdoor activities.

I treated myself to the Direct from Broadway production by John Leggio for the amazing cost of $17 and a front row aisle seat.  For the next two hours , I was taken back to shows of yesteryear and today with talents unimaginable for the ages of 3-17 in all types of dance, and some wonderful vocals.  John Leggio is to be applauded over and over along with his staff of instructors.  If this was Broadway, the price tag would have easily been $100 or more.  This wonderful show started at 3 with an intermission at 5 and picked up at 5:20 till 7 p.m.  This was a first time for me unaware that  this is an annual event but you can be sure it will be on on my next years calendar to order my same seat ticket.  The standing ovation for these marvelous children was well deserved as I left with tears of pride. “Kudos to Pasco’s finest children.”

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