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Nov '10

Facial Pain

For the past week or so my right side of my face has been tingling and shooting pain into my ear sporadically.  On Wednesday I saw a specialist in (ear nose and throat)  and he decided to send me for cat scan of the sinuses on Thursday.  Yesterday the results showed no infection but he did recommend that I see a neurologist on Monday morning as it could be neuralgia or TMJ.

In the interim I am on an antibiotic plus Advil for the pain.  I am hoping with my four hour  at the gift shop later on that my mood will improve with the many customers coming in to shop.  If anything it will be a distraction and that will be a good thing.

2 comments to “Facial Pain”

  1. Gullible Says:

    Keepin’ my fingers crossed for you.

  2. Ms Millie Says:

    Thanks for the good karma and so far it is working in my favor. To be further diagnosed but sounds like it is not of a serious nature.