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Nov '12

Extra Hour of Sleep

I think I love this time of the year with its’ cooler temperatures and early evening darkness.  It seems to slow me down a little as I start to unwind from the days events.  Somehow working with the children is a fun fulfilling time for me but it is also draining as I am using my best emotional skills and above all “patience” which is mandatory when you are encouraging a child to think and either read or write or perhaps compute a math problem.   There are days when I walk slowly back to my car feeling tired but satisfied in how good it all turned out.

This weekend I get to relax and on Sunday I am traveling with the Cares Travel Group to see “Legally Blonde” at a local playhouse followed by dinner at a nearby restaurant with the group.  It is quite enjoyable riding the bus and meeting some old and new faces.   I kind of like that feeling of total relaxation plus getting that extra hour of sleep is delicious and seeing the sun rise earlier is inspiring.

And so to all my friends out there I wish you a wonderful weekend.   Whatever you do, don’t forget to smile!

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