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Sep '08

Enjoying the Show

With all the news in the media covering everything from money to politics, I feel it is making some of us a  little jittery with the uncertainty,  of how things might turn out.  As a good stress reliever, I have found good entertainment  to be the antidote and this week’s new shows are a welcome sight.  There is dancing, comedy, new and continuing dramas and tonight, the final season of ER begins.  I have lost count on how many season it has been on the air, but I still enjoy it and I am sure we will miss the ” void”  next season.  For now I am hoping my favorite on America’s Got Talent  Neal  will capture the number one spot and if not my second choice would be, Nothing but Strings.

Both are outstanding talents and deserving of the top prize.  I will be counting the days till next weeks show.

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