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Dec '09

Empty Driveway

For the past fourteen years the driveway to the left of me has always had a car occupying the space.  It was ironic that each of us had a Toyota Camry (1989) and my neighbor Barbara at the time owned a 1994 Camry.

In 2000 Rita bought Barbara’s place and she owned a 1998 Camry. After a few years Rita gave her automobile to her grandson and she purchased a 2004 Camry,  from a dear friend of hers.   Today, Rita is  temporarily in an Assisted Living until after the holidays.  Her villa has a for sale sign in the window and the driveway is “empty.”   It is a dark and an eerie sight.

I am hoping and saying a prayer or two that the next owners will be nice, quiet, friendly, considerate and sweet and maybe-  own a Camry!

We never know what fate lies ahead!

Have a great weekend.

2 comments to “Empty Driveway”

  1. Gullible Says:

    “Empty driveway.” Nice metaphor for a life story, Millie. Come on, you can do it!

  2. Ms Millie Says:

    Why don’t you give me a few lines and get me started! BTW, I love your latest posting. Cant’ wait for the next one. I remember the date well I was five years old and waiting for my birthday on the 11th.