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Aug '08

Dance Fever Returns

Just about one month from today my Tivo will be programmed for the first “Dancing with the Stars” new season.  I am about ready to buy my dancing shoes and see if I can compete.  After all, one of the stars is 61 and the oldest the paper stated is 82.  I am smack in the early part of 70 so I might just do a few good spins.  This is all wishful thinking on my part , and a tad kidding, but if they call me – I will be there in a heartbeat.  Looking forward to dancing around my living room.

1 comment to “Dance Fever Returns”

  1. Walk Says:

    Be careful there Ginger, Fred might get jealous with you dancing around the living room like that. Besides, what would the neighbors think? lol

    You go girl, and have some fun.