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Oct '08

Dance and Move to the Beat

I am convinced that my mood is transformed,  when I am at a live musical performance.  It seems to be a magical journey for me,  as I imagine myself doing all those dance steps and singing those songs.   Last evening, along with my friend Judi (my theatre buddy) we arrived at the Show Palace Dinner Theatre in Hudson, Fl.  The presentation was the “The Unsinkable Molly Brown” featuring Katie Kerwin and W.C. Green.  Both of these stars have the talent, the voices and the charisma to make this is a spectacular performance.  They sang, danced and captured the audience with their energies, good looks and amazing choreography. 

Today, I am still humming the tunes, dreaming about Johnnie’s good looks and voice and trying to mimic the dance steps.  Once again, the music and dancing has left its’ mark on Ms Millie.

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