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Jul '09

Creatures of Habit

For the past four or so years I have made brownies and cakes and cupcakes for my friend’s birthdays  and somehow their children and husband’s are now on my list.  I enjoy making a bundt cake or a layer cake and decorating them sometimes with jelly beans, or a favorite candy they might like.  Sprinkles always are a hit and my little friend Dominick will ask for brownies, but no nuts please, Ms Millie.

It keeps me busy in a fun way and it seems having a home made cake means a a great deal.  My cakes usually turn out light and fluffy.

Until two weeks ago as I removed my brownies from the oven, they looked a little burnt at the edges.  I could not figure why,  as I always have the temperature dial on 350 and the timer set for 41 minutes.  Usually,  I peek  a few minutes early and nine times out of ten it will be ready. And so I was puzzled until yesterday;  I  had prepared a devils food cake mix and popped in the oven,  set my timer and away I went to do some other chore.

After 15 or so minutes,  I could smell my cake baking,  except it had the smell of a -too hot- oven.  I flew more or less into my kitchen and peeked at my cake and it looked a little black instead of dark chocolate brown and then looked up at my dial and it was on 385 degrees.  How could that be?  I had had someone in to help with the cleaning two weeks prior,  and she probably moved the dial innocently to wipe it clean and left it.  I always put it back to 350 automatically, so it is ready for me.  This assumption on my part backfired and now  I need to bake another cake for Mark’s birthday this Saturday.

This time I will be checking all dials,  just in case!

Wish me luck!

I did a trim job on the burnt cake and frosted it with chocolate frosting and put some jelly beans around it.  This will be his ” Ms Millie’s Disaster Cake”  along with his freshly made cake cooked at the right temperature.

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