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Oct '10

Cranking Up the Air

We are in the midst of a fall heat-wave with bright sunshine and high 80’s for the week ahead.  I don’t think the trick or treat children will mind the nice weather, but it sure doesn’t feel like Fall.  With Thanksgiving only four weeks away, it should be just a bit cooler for the festivities and cooking our turkey with all the fixin’s.    Right now the idea of having a barbecue sounds more like a good fit.

I know I should be happy but just a trifle cooler would be nice. The idea of wearing a nice colorful sweater with jeans sounds inviting  instead of a short sleeve top and capris.

Yet, I know as soon as the thermometer drops a few degrees I will be complaining it is too cold.  We shall wait and see how it goes from hereon in.

Have a nice evening and don’t forget to smile:)

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