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Feb '10

Counting Days Again

Once again I am like a child crossing off days on the calendar, not for my birthday but for the first day of  Daylight Savings time,  which this year is March 14 2010.  This change gives Ms Millie another hour or so of daylight in the evening to gallivant or drive to the mall or do whatever.  And guess what happens only six days later?  We will be celebrating the first day of Spring and  I feel certain that there are great numbers of people feeling the same way. After record snow falls and frigid temperatures, Spring can’t come soon enough.

I know I am ready to shed the sweaters and layers of extra clothing, to keep the chill from my aging, achy body.  Although, I recall even as a child I never really could handle the cold weather.  My fingers and toes were and still are to this day cold to the touch.  Perhaps,  some nice sunny Spring like weather will cheer us all up.

Happy Sunday, everyone!

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