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Sep '10

COLA for the Tooth Fairy

I am sure most of you have been involved at one time or another with the infamous tooth fairy.  You know the one that can tiptoe into our rooms and quietly remove from under our pillow our treasured tooth.  In some cases there might even be two teeth if they managed to wiggle the next one out.

Back in my youth,  I think we received a penny or maybe two cents,  if times were good. And we could buy a huge assortment at the candy store with two cents and yes I am aware that times have changed over the years.  But, I  do remember when my children started losing their teeth, and  they could hardly wait to go to bed to put their tooth under their pillow.  They just wanted to see how much money would be there the next morning,  and a quarter seemed exciting to them in place of the tooth.

So yesterday seeing one of my first graders wearing a star student badge with a message written across it “I lost my tooth today”  and a front tooth at that.  I jumped at the opportunity and asked Devin if he thought he might be asking Santa for his two front teeth?  And he smiled as I sang a few lines from the song.  He was the first in his class to have lost a tooth and so he sets the precedent with the tooth fairy,  he told me.  And so I decided to ask  how much he thought the tooth fairy would put under his pillow?  And Devin said innocently enough,  at least $2.00 maybe even $5.00 that’s how much my sister got last year.

I think Devin was surprised as I showed him a penny and then added another one and explained that this was under my pillow when Ms Millie lost her very first tooth.   He just giggled as he went back to his seat, but I am loving the idea of the tooth fairy still being around.  Something nice to said about carrying on traditions!

And it just goes to show you that even the “Tooth Fairy”  has had an increase in income over the years. In today’s world, one could earn some good money for losing their teeth!

For those who might be too young to have heard the term COLA  (cost of living adjustment)  Smile:)

1 comment to “COLA for the Tooth Fairy”

  1. Gullible Says:

    COLA for the Tooth Fairy. That’s terrific!