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Sep '14

Coincidence of Events

Thirteen years ago on this day we will never forget, I was at work and my son Joe was recuperating at my home after a stent replacement in New York.  When he awoke that morning and flipped on the t.v,. there he saw the plane hitting one of the towers and he thought as he went about his business in the rest room, it is an advertisement or a  coming attraction. (I was at work twenty miles away with no radio or television access in my office.)  When he looked at the screen again he realized this was not a hallucination or his medication, he was definitely seeing the horrific events unfolding before his very eyes.  ‘He quickly dialed my work number and asked me if I knew what was taking place and my answer was no.  As he went on tell me the events that had and were taking place in New York, I went into my bosses office and turned on a television they used for training purposes.  My co-worker and I  were in total shock,  frozen as we gaped at the screen not believing what we were seeing.  I don’t believe we will ever forget what took place on 9-11-2001 and for me my eyes still fill with tears when I think of it most especially today!

Ironically, Joe is in the hospital this time with a gall bladder that has to be surgically removed and is probably taking place as I write this.  This is way  too coincidental for me to absorb.  I know I am praying he comes out of it with no complications.   You see my son Joe has had his share of surgeries including open heart in 2007 and now his gall-bladder.

Hopefully, he will start to take better care of himself and not share this memorable date not feeling up to par ever again……….

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