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Jul '10

Clowning Day at the Hospital

Sparkles, Wearing Polka Dots and Red Wig

When I clowned for the first time at the end of the school year in June (photo above)  I truly smiled for weeks after knowing how happy I had made some of the children.  A majority had never seen a clown in person and so this became  a first for them as well as for me.  I knew then by their huge smiles and laughs that clowning definitely brings joy, silliness and plain old fun that we all need ( if only in small doses).  And, because  I have always enjoyed being silly and giggling and also to be the sparkly light in a room.  Hence. my name “Sparkles”.

So today marked my first appearance as an official volunteer at the Community Hospital wearing my clown attire and face.  I was fortunate to shadow two experienced clown volunteers named Pearl and Flowers.  Off we went the three of us via elevator to the third floor.   We stopped and chatted with the staff and walked  the corridors and visited patients that welcomed our hello’s.  We always knock first and ask if they would like a visit.

At our disposal is a ready made cart with all kinds of  fun things to hand out to the patient and the visitors,  to lighten things up if only for a brief moment or two.   We have ready- made stuffed dolls and bears,  made by volunteers to keep them company and we also have jars that look  like they are holding pills,  but are really tiny  packages with jokes written and enclosed within.  We can offer a pill in jest,  and then watch the smile appear on their face when they read the jar’s labels that read belly laughs, giggles and jokes.

It really does help make the situation at hand tolerable and their appreciation is warranted by all of the spoken and unspoken expressions of thanks.    I truly wish for others who just might  be “stumbling by”  to perhaps be enticed to volunteer for just for an hour or two.  The memories of  their faces transformed by a smile or a giggle will last a lifetime.

‘One gentleman,  took off his breathing mask momentarily to tell us that he felt all good things come in threes;  and if he were single,  he would propose to all three of us.  Ladies, you made my day and I thank you.”

How wonderful is that as compensation for a few hours of  volunteerism?

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