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Jun '08

Charity Event Update

Today was the day for the Susan G. Komen Fund first annual charity event by Harmony Yoga and Pilate’s Studio.  It was soooo much fun learning to dance to the Zumba music.  I didn’t realize I could move those hips that fast and the cardio dance was awesome with the Janet Jackson music CD playing.  We all mimicked the instructor Michelle and we had a blast.  Salsa was so romantic and fun loving.  Daria and Nelson are professionals that can teach as well as dance.  Lots of door prizes although I didn’t win but the monies all went to the fund so I did win in the long run.  The donuts and the coffee were delicious.  The smoothies from the Smoothie King were refreshing and healthy with all different fruits and flavors added.  We purchased pink and white visor hats and  matching shirts that has Dancing for the Cure imprinted on the front and all of  the sponsors names on the back.  Anne  finished off the program with our Yoga stretches and poses that she does so well.  She brings out the best in all of us.  I am hoping all their hard work pays off with lots of donations for this worthwhile fund.

Looking forward to next years event!

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