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Sep '14

Changes Are Coming

Lately I have been contemplating my present living situation and finding I am not happy in it.  At first the idea frightened me and then enlightened me and then I changed my mind. Again and again  I have repeated this thinking for the past three or so years.  But now I think I am ready to make the move in a few months .

I have come to the realization that the solitude I once enjoyed is no longer working for my well-being.  Hearing other people laugh, is uplifting as well as lending an ear to hear their opinions and ideas.   I never realized how inspirational and motivating I am to others until this past year as I stayed away from my exercise routine.  It wasn’t intentional, just difficult circumstances preventing me from driving to and from the studio.   It has only been a mere three or four weeks,  since I started back to my yoga and you would think I was a major attraction with all of the attention my yoga buddies have bestowed on me.

So many hugs and squeezes and questions as to where have I been and am I alright and how much they missed me all rolled into the repeat scenario each class I attended…………………I always knew I loved people and I do love getting attention but I didn’t realize how special people thought I was.   Wow!!!  I am overcome with emotion and so very happy that I make a positive statement with this wonderful group of people that have become my extended family.   I know when I move they will be in my mind and heart for a lifetime.  Fortunately it won’t be that far away that they won’t be able to visit (I hope they will) if they choose to..  To be continued…………………




1 comment to “Changes Are Coming”

  1. Walk Says:

    No surprise here that they missed you, I’ve never met you and yet I miss seeing your posts and the inspiration that you are. Now I wait to hear when and where you’re moving, so hurry and write “Part 2”.