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Feb '08

Caring and Sharing

I have just returned from a five day hiatus in Miami where in my volunteer position , visited locations that housed mentally challenged and elderly residents.  As an advocate,  I look for infractions of poor diet,  lack of toilet items, privacy, telephone privileges and clean linens and clothes as well as clean rooms. I can tell you I had a lump in my throat more than once while holding back  tears as I viewed people living in substandard conditions.  Some bedding not big enough for a child yet being used for an adult.  Three and four to a small room, some with unpainted walls and concrete floors.  Luckily the temperatures are normally warm.   When I write up the infractions and forward them to an agency to handle it, I sometimes wish I was allowed to photograph my findings and send them to local governments to hopefully make them aware and perhaps pose the question “Would you want a family member living in this squalor? 

As we ended the trip and started home the four of us were weary and filled with sadness.   Yet, we do feel somewhat proud of taking the initiative- to volunteer our time- and see how much our input can help.  Why can’t more of us care and share our time, resources and love for our fellow man?

2 comments to “Caring and Sharing”

  1. Walk Says:

    I’m glad to see that you’re doing OK, ya had me worried.

    Why don’t more people help out? We’ve been programed for one thing, self. Whatever is good for me is all I worry about. At least that’s the attitude for the majority of the population. At least that’s my humble but accurate opinion.

    Glad you’re back.

  2. msmillie Says:

    Thanks Walk for your concern. Nice to know I was missed. You are right about people only thinking of ones self until it hits home and then how come the “system” is so bad is their concern. People need to wake up and see what needs to be changed and pitch in an hour or two. Everyone has 60 minutes to spare. Right??