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Feb '08


Taking a survey. Which do you prefer on Valentines Day? What makes you feel special? Do you like a funny card or mushy?

3 comments to “Candy-Flowers-Card”

  1. Walk Says:

    Mushy for me. You need to read my post on the hokey poem I wrote my wife for Valentine’s day. It’s in our yahoo group.

    So what’s your favorite card?

  2. msmillie Says:

    Walk: I love the mushy,smaltzy type card. Love the sound and feeling of romantic words. Sort of fluffs your feathers a little.

  3. msmillie Says:

    Walk. Your poem is so beautiful and touching and romantic. Your wife is truly a lucky woman.

    Please let me know how much she enjoyed reading it. Why not post your poem here for for all to read?